BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM – 09/01/2024 – Visican, a renowned provider of high-quality cardboard tubes and services, is proud to announce its latest initiative in environmental responsibility and sustainability. In our continuous effort to minimize our environmental footprint, we have recently completed the installation of 560 Solar PV panels on our factory roof.

This significant advancement is not just a stride towards energy independence but also a strong statement in our commitment to a cleaner, safer future. By avoiding an estimated 64,928KG of harmful emissions annually, Visican is demonstrating its dedication to environmental stewardship while enhancing its operational efficiency.

The installation of these solar panels marks a crucial step in our journey to becoming less reliant on the conventional energy grid. This shift not only shields us from the volatile energy market, characterized by frequent price fluctuations and supply disruptions, but also aligns with our core values of sustainability and innovation.

Investing in renewable energy is neither an easy nor straightforward path, but it is one we choose to embark on to diversify our energy sources. This strategic move is expected to lower our energy costs significantly, boost our efficiency, and enhance our competitiveness in the all-card packaging market.

At Visican, we don’t just view going green as a moral obligation; we see it as a smart, strategic decision integral to our growth and success. Our journey towards sustainability is ongoing, and we recognize that there’s still much to be accomplished. We remain committed to exploring new ways to improve our sustainability performance and make a positive impact on the environment.

Join Us on Our Green Journey

We extend an invitation to our customers, partners, and the community to join us in this sustainable journey. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable as we collectively strive to create a better, more sustainable future for our planet.

Together, let’s redefine packaging and make a lasting difference.

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About Visican

Visican is a leading manufacturer and supplier of cardboard tubes, known for its commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. With a strong vision for the future, Visican is dedicated to providing sustainable packaging solutions that meet the needs of customers while contributing to a greener planet.